Damn, I need a Job

Hi everybody, it’s me sparklight again

As i’ve mentioned below, i’m currently looking for employment, especifically in investment banking or private equity funds… since here in Colombia competence is tough I will never give up, so while i’m looking for a job i wanna share my little one.month experience


Since i’m looking for a job in investment banking or any other finance field, this had not been a reason to stop applying to other industries/fields so when i’m making my CV/Resume i first of all make a little research to the target company in order to describe in your professional profile which of YOUR qualities BEST with the company.

Research time 15-20 mins

What to look for: Industry, lifestyle (50-60 hrs/week – +90hrs/week)

Example, this one is in the investment banking framework:

“Industrial Engineering ** student taking his last semester/year with knowledge in corporate finance, business valuation and risk management and pursuing a career in investment banking as an analyst”

**Add whatever you consider necessary

“assertive communication skills which make me able to work under pressure, manage and cooperate teamworks and negotiate with great performance”

“Interest in learning new languages” — this would be useful if you might applicate to a multinational company which will expose you to international environments and different cultures

If you do well I guarantee that you will GET a phone call asking for an interview the next day or week.


Since my CV/Resumes has been excellent, i would like to help you guys to create yours and then, contribute with your professional success

I’ve had too many interviews, in investment banks such as Citi, JP Morgan, BNP Paribas, among other such in a broad spectrum of other other companies such Intel, Siemens, Nielsen…..

If anyone is interested or need help, please feel free to ask making a comment on this post!

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